pregnancy care





Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care

Ayurveda offers guidance on:

* Preparing for your baby
* Ante Natal Ayurvedic food and dietary guidelines
* Connecting with your baby spiritually
* Massages and treatments

Pregnancy and childbirth have great significance in the life of a woman. During this period, a woman needs great care and attention from her family members.
Ayurveda prescribes a natural health care regime encompassing nurturing treatments, nutritional and lifestyle regimes and meditation practices to maintain the health of the mother-to-be and the baby she is carrying.
Ayurveda believes that the two lives are so interconnected that anything the mother experiences, either physically, emotionally or spiritually, will also be experienced by the unborn child. If the mother-to-be is calm and balanced and making the best choices for herself, then the unborn child will also benefit from this soothing and gentle start to its life.

Benefits of Ayurvedic treatments and regime during pregnancy:

* a happier, calmer mother-to-be
* less morning sickness and nausea
* avoidance of excessive weight gain
* reduced swelling and water retention
* less constipation
* more energy