Fertility and pregnancy




The Ayurvedic Approach to Fertility,
Pregnancy, Child Birth and Early Motherhood


Ayurvedic Fertility Guidance and Preparation for Pregnancy

The aim of Ayurveda is to help you approach pregnancy and motherhood from a place of health and peace to which you have arrived through the guidance of your own inner wisdom. It includes:

* Preparing to conceive advice
* Detox cleansing for parents-to-be
* Proper nourishment and rejuvenation of reproductive tissues

Preparing for pregnancy requires a conscious approach to life and your inherent creativity. The Ayurvedic tradition holds that the months that lead up to conception inform the rest of parenthood itself. The strength, health and nature (Prakriti) of the foetus depends upon those of its parents at the moment of conception. This is why it is important that both parents prepare for pregnancy.
On the simplest level, current health issues should be assessed, and problematic life-style and dietary patterns should be altered, if they create obstacles to fertility and a healthy pregnancy. Ideally, we come into the joy of our fertility with a cleansed system and refreshed mind -- having removed ama (toxins) from our body, mind and emotions.
Whether you are just thinking about having a baby or have been having difficulties conceiving for some time, Ayurveda can help you reach a state of optimum emotional and physical health in order to embark on the first step to parenthood.