What is a Doula?

A doula is a woman who supports a woman throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally. This support can be emotional, practical, physical and spiritual.
Historically, women were always surrounded by loving women during childbirth. This emotional support has been lost in the West since women started to go into hospitals to give birth.

It has been proven that the use of a doula in childbirth can help to:

* reduce anxiety and fears in both mother-to-be and father-to-be

* reduce the time in labour (by up to as much as half)
* reduce the need for interventions - medication, assisted deliveries, surgery
* reduce the separation of baby from the mother
* ensure the labouring mother's needs are met by advocating for her in childbirth

What is an Ayurdoula?

An Ayurvedic doula (or Ayurdoula for short) is someone who provides doula support but also focuses more on the health of the mother-to-be or new mother. She assists more with the preparation of therapeutic foods, herbs and gives nurturing treatments and massages which treat the mother's body, mind and spirit.

It is particularly beneficial to have an Ayurdoula postnatally to provide physical and emotional rejuvenation after birth. Healthy nourishing meals are cooked for you and massages and treatments given.

We offer Ayurdoula support and tailor made packages to meet your needs which include some or all of the following:

* Antenatal care, pregnancy planning and Ayurvedic massage and treatments
* Partner massage (don't forget the fathers-to-be!)
* Birth planning
* Birth doula support
* Post Natal doula care - herbs, nutrition, massage and treatments
* How to prepare nourishing food - cooking classes, lactation recipes and advice
* Importance of 'Mothering the Mother'
* Practical help in the house in the post-natal period
* Training parents on Baby Massage

The benefits of using an Ayurdoula

* It provides a more holistic programme of care to balance body, mind and spirit
* Warm oil massages, treatments and herbal remedies before, during and after labour ease mental stress, relieve fatigue, and strengthen mother and baby
* Increased bonding between mother and child
* Reduced incidences of post-natal depression and anxiety
* Quicker physical and emotional recovery from childbirth
* Treatment of specific ailments in pregnancy or postnatally

* Reduced digestive disturbances in both mother and baby


Ayurdoula Packages

Antenatal visits:
Initial meeting – FREE to see if we want to work together
£80 2 hour antenatal visits (includes Ayurvedic advice)*

Birth packages:
As an Ayurdoula, I will go on call for you 24 hours a day 10 days before and 10 days after your due date. Outside of these times, I will do my best to get to you wherever possible.

Attending birth + 4 ante/postnatal visits £550

Attending birth + 6 ante/postnatal visits £700

Ayurvedic Post natal visits and packages:

£80 2 hour postnatal visit (includes cooking of nourishing Ayurvedic food and treatments)*

(£10 per hour charged for practical help in the house such as cleaning or shopping)

1 week package - 5 visits of 2 hours £350 (saving £50)

2 week package - 10 visits of 2 hours £700 (saving £100)


Gift vouchers

We realise that this may seem quite an expense at this time. Most people spend a fortune on buying brand new baby clothes, equipment and doing up the nursery (none of which is the baby will notice!). But this is a vital time in a woman's life which can determine her health for many years.

Instead of getting gifts for the baby, maybe you could suggest to family and friends to purchase you an Ayurdoula visit or treatment instead. Gift vouchers are available from us.


*Travel expenses charged at 45p/mile if you are further than 10 miles from my home

I may be able to travel nationally or internationally, please contact me to discuss your needs