Ayurvedic birth





An Ayurvedic Birth


Bringing a new life into this world is a supreme rite of passage in a woman's life that will be remembered in her consciousness for as long as she lives. It represents the ultimate in a woman's creative power.
For thousands of years women attendees birthed other women in a natural setting with minimal intervention. Here in the West, we have moved away from giving women the space and time to give birth naturally. More significantly, women have lost belief in their bodies' innate ability to give birth to a baby with minimal assistance.
Trust has been taken from women and handed over to the medical profession. It is now time to take it back into our hands.

I myself had two 'Ayurvedic births' simply and easily at home with no intervention, fuss and no pain relief other than warm oil massage. It was magical! Whether you want to birth at home, at a birthing centre or in hospital, this kind of experience can still be yours.

The benefits of Ayurvedic antenatal consultations:

* Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle advice

* treatment of pregnancy related ailments using Ayurvedic protocol
* help a woman to prepare for the physical challenges of the birthing process
* prepare her mentally and emotionally for the different stages of labour
* learning how to use mantras (or chanting) if appropriate, visualisations, breathing and relaxation techniques.

The use of an Ayurdoula can provide the physical and emotional support needed throughout the birth and aid with all the above.